REGULATED BROKERS is one of the world’s leading providers of financial products, brokerage services and advanced trading technologies. The key to our success comes from our unparalleled dedication in the field of online trading, liquidity, advanced technology, investment security, first-class customer service, competitive prices and state-of-the-art customizable products. The advantages of choosing REGULATED BROKERS are as follows:


REGULATED BROKERS is a globally recognised retail and institutional brokerage formed by traders for traders. With over 20 years of combined industry experience, our founders recognised a need for a brokerage that has a deeper understanding of clients. Every trader needs to be equipped with the necessary tools to deliver success in the markets. REGULATED BROKERS aims to give traders that edge.

    REGULATED BROKERS is now one of the fastest growing brokers worldwide with clients based in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and Australasia. An ongoing dedication to superior client support and interaction has been cornerstone to a growing reputation. By establishing multiple regional offices, Regulated Brokers is catering to increased local client demand. In addition to multilingual staff being available 24 hours, 5 days a week; there are valuable educational resources available to assist traders in multiple languages.

    One of our biggest core values is to create empowerment through choice. Not only are there thousands of markets available to trade; Regulated Brokers allows access to these markets from any location at any time. Trade FX, commodities, stocks or indices from a laptop, smart phone or tablet. With Regulated Brokers , the choice is yours.

     Transparency and security are key Regulated Brokers values. Trading with an FCAregulated broker which segregates client funds at Tier One Banks brings a peace of mind not available at most brokers. Combining strict security with a transparent STP / NDD execution model really allows our traders to focus on what is most important – Trading.

   We pride ourself on our mission statement and core values. We look forward to sharing these same values with you.


  • Thousands of Tradable Products Available at your Fingertips
  • Straight-Through-Processing (STP) or No Dealing Desk (NDD)
  • Raw Interbank FX Spreads as Low as 0.2 pips
  • DAX, FTSE, Dow, Nasdaq Cash Indices from 1 Point
  • Blue-chip Share CFD’s such as Facebook, Google, Netflix Available
  • Flexible Leverage up to 200:1
  • API Connection Available for Institutional Liquidity
  • Regulated Brokers Multi Asset Platform – Desktop, Web and Mobile
  • MetaTrader 4 – Desktop and Mobile
  • PAMM or MAM Software Free of Charge for Fund Managers
  • Global Presence with Offices Worldwide
  • Multiple Account Funding Methods Available
  • Fund Protection with Segregated Accounts Held at Tier One Banks
  • Fully Regulated and Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority

Regulated Brokers has been recognised as one of the fastest growing Forex and CFD brokers worldwide. Our clients benefit from instant access to multiple markets, a choice of platforms, transparent execution, tight spreads, flexible leverage and superior customer service.

Our clients trading success is key to our business model which is why we go above and beyond when delivering our products and service. This can be summarised in our corporate mission statement which reads ‘Our ultimate aim is to deliver an optimal trading environment that gives traders the best opportunity to succeed.’


Each IB will be assigned a long-standing IB administrator providing a personal approach to the association.

Unbeatable discounts and commission structure for IBs.

White Label and Gray Label offers.

Franchise Regime.

Support for MAM and PAMM.

Online help.

Development of applications for opening demo and live accounts and trading back offices.

Subject to our business conditions, conditions and contracts. Under normal market conditions. Prime Brokerage Services.

A complete business development and support.

Algorithmic trading, and full functionality of

Prime Brokerage with full Direct Processing Integration (STP).

Custom price delivered by banks and institutional partners with our own API technology that provides flexibility, order and functionality.[/ultimate_modal]


Bonus open account very advantageous.

More than 26 platforms offering more than 7,000 commercial products.

More than 55 currency pairs (major and cross rates) with various types of execution including instant, order and market order.[/ultimate_modal]


We believe that your broker should be on your side. That’s why at Regulated Brokers we are proud to deliver a fully transparent Straight through Processing (STP/ECN) or No Dealing Desk (NDD) execution model to our traders.

Regulated Brokers offers a best bid, best offer system that aggregates multiple liquidity providers including global banks and other financial institutions. By taking the best available buy and sell prices from these providers, we aggregate them together and then stream the lowest possible price to our clients. By constantly providing deep pools of liquidity, our traders can have confidence that even the largest orders are filled fairly and anonymously. Our revenue is derived from a small markup on our aggregated wholesale feed ensuring our prices are both market driven and fair.

There is no conflict of interest between Regulated Brokers and our traders which creates a fully transparent marketplace and trading experience. By immediately matching our clients trades with liquidity providers our traders can have peace of mind that we hold no market risk, are on their side and hold no restrictions on trading strategies.[/ultimate_modal]




Whether you are a presentation agent, a financial institution or a bank, you can improve the value of your business practice and help your clients reach their full potential through various Regulated Brokers partnerships. Our partnership programs are global and comprehensive, and we at Regulated Brokers are deeply committed to the success of all our partners. From becoming an IB or also a white label partner, the opportunities are endless and the rewards potentially exceptional. Since being recognized in the financial products market in the last two decades and one of the few companies that have achieved all the operating requirements, we are prepared to provide explosive growth opportunities to your business.

An exciting world of opportunities for our customers

Combining an immense set of talent and experience is what has made us market leaders, we not only offer spear technology platforms and commercial services to customers, but also the narrower Spreads with 24/5 customer service.

In addition to offering you a simple method to operate, we offer greater profitability to our clients by translating into higher revenues for your business.

These are just some of the benefits of partnering with Regulated Brokers

Here are a few more reasons to partner with us:

  • Access to world-class trading platforms with Regulated Brokers products and search capabilities in the market.
  • Security and reliability of funds with the tightest margins aided by state-of-the-art trading technologies (analysis, statistics, research tools, etc.).
  • Special bonuses and commissions from IB and high-level partners that make small claims made by other companies look small.
  • Marketing and risk management to help support business development.
  • Extensive market reach at lower costs, while enjoying the reliability of our back office infrastructure.
  • Incomparable speed when operating with automatic desktop technology, which helps minimize human intervention.


Regulated Brokers has successfully collaborated with numerous partners, who have achieved excellence in their various fields using global practices and approaches with Regulated Brokers . Being industry developers proven for two decades, Regulated Brokers makes sure that its Partners get the best technology, support and platforms to achieve the various objectives.


We would like to take this opportunity to provide information on how we handle all customer funds deposited with Regulated Brokers Limited.

Regulated Brokers Limited is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under  and complies with the FCA rules of the customer’s assets (CASS). This ensures the protection of customer funds.

Regulated Brokers Limited is able to separate the client’s own money from the company’s money by creating it to deposit the clients’ money into bank accounts segregated to the name of the same client, where it will be protected at an authorized banking institution. At Regulated Brokers Limited, the deposit or safekeeping of the client’s money is carried out through the following banking entities:

  • Barclays Bank PLC
  • HSBC

The board reviews the adequacy of these banking institutions on a regular basis (at least annually), evaluating a number of factors including concentration risk, credit rating as well as other factors. Regulated Brokers customers can be classified as a retail customer, professional customer or eligible counterpart.

We reconciled “Customer money” on a daily basis, in accordance with the FCA requirements. This process ensures that funds deposited in segregated bank accounts accurately reflect the assets of retail clients.

In the case of a “Professional Customer” we will use Transfer Title Collateral Arrangement (TTCA) for margin purposes.

Using the “TTCA” means that we can, if necessary, move client funds from the client’s Money Account with the bank, and place those funds with our executing agent, if necessary for margin and settlement Each subsequent day, we make a new reconciliation and determine the exact amount to be held in the accounts of each customer and the broker’s account executed outside the FCA’s “Customer Money Rules”.

Please note TTCA is not applicable to retail customers, according to our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority or FCA by its acronym in English.

Our auditors perform a dedicated audit to confirm that we comply with all FCA rules. The result of this audit is provided to FCA alongside the board of Regulated Brokers Regulated Brokers Limited is covered by the “Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)”. The client may be entitled to compensation from the scheme if Regulated Brokers Limited can not fulfill its obligations. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme may contact the Financial Services Compensation Scheme on the 5th floor of Lloyds Chambers, London, E1 8BN, or send them by e-mail to the e-mail address provided on the website Financial Services in “Compensation Plan” at www.fscs.org.uk.[/icon_timeline_feat][/icon_timeline]


Regulated Brokers proudly presents the electronic connection plan which consists in practically connecting our liquidity providers through an electronic network so that they can provide the prices of the different instruments to operate and thus compete to offer the best possible price at the time of closing Your order in the market.


Regulated Brokers invites its professional traders to join its ECN operation where in a liquidity fund the spreads of some major currencies start from 0 pips and the orders are executed directly from the market depth.

Regulated Brokers liquidity fund is aggregated from the pricing of leading global liquidity providers in addition to STP liquidity and offers our customers the order through this added fund to optimize the closing price without any human intervention .

Regulated Brokers Prodigy will give you direct access to our STP liquidity with ultra low latency, direct processing, depth-of-market streaming and advanced order types. The graphical interface makes it easy to always use the best buy / sell available plus total market depth shown.

Advanced network infrastructure will ensure that the transmission time is as low as possible and in a matter of milliseconds is executed once your order reaches our system.

Regulated Brokers also offers its institutional clients additional solution for the security of funds, such as custody accounts or direct credit alternative.

Here is a summary of the benefits of an Regulated Brokers-STP account:

  • 40+ currency pairs with first-tier liquidity providers competing for your order
  • Spreads as low as 0 Pip.
  • Direct access to deep liquidity.
  • Flexible margin requirements up to 1/400 leverage.
  • Competitive prices per million USD operated.
  • No execution of “Dealing desk” or assisted.
  • Advanced order types.
  • Depth Streaming Market.

With our dedicated professional team if you make a phone call or send an email, you will be treated remotely and with it we can configure your account under this system in the shortest possible time.


Instant execution

In an instant order, the order is executed at the price indicated in the trading window. If the selected price is not available when the broker receives the request, the user receives a message warning that the price is no longer valid (Requote) and the order is not executed. The user can specify the maximum allowable deviation of the price at which the order is executed at the market price in the trading window

Execution of the market

Execution on the market is only available for MT4 and MT5 accounts. With this method of execution, the order is executed at the best price available in the market, which may vary from the price indicated in the trading window. The sending of such order assumes the prior consent of its execution at the price available in the Market.

Pending order

Pending Order is called to a sort order that is executed only when a certain condition is satisfied. The condition is that the price of the product reaches a certain level above or below the current market price. Among them are.

Buy limits

It is a purchase order that is placed at a level below the market price. Orders of this type are usually placed in anticipation that the price of the product, after having fallen to a certain level, will rise. Example: If the EUR / USD quote is 1.3850 / 52, an example of a Buy Limit order would be 1.3800. In this case, if EURUSD ASK price reaches 1.3800, then you will buy the EURUSD pair.

Sell limits

It is a sales order that is placed at a level higher than the market price. Orders of this type are usually placed in anticipation that the price of the contract, after having risen to a certain level, will fall. Example: If the EUR / USD quote is 1.3850 / 52, an example of a Sell Limit order would be 1.3900. In this case, if EURUSD BID price reaches 1.3900, then it will sell the EURUSD pair.

Buy stop

It is a purchase order that is placed at a level higher than the market price. Orders of this type are usually placed in anticipation that the price of the product, after having risen to a certain level, will continue to rise.

Sell stop

It is a sales order that is placed at a level below the market price. Orders of this type are usually placed in anticipation that the price of the product, after having fallen to a certain level, will continue to fall. Example: If the EUR / USD quote is 1.3850 / 52, an example of a Sell Limit order would be 1.3800. In this case, if EURUSD BID price reaches 1.3800, then sell the pair EURUSD.

Buy stop limit

It combines features of a Buy Stop order and a Buy Limit order. As soon as the ASK price reaches the price target indicated in the order window, a Buy Limit order will be placed at the level specified in the order window. Example: If the EURUSD price is 1.3550 / 52, an example of Buy Stop Limit would be to place the price target at 1.3900 with a Buy Limit of 1.3800. If the EURUSD reaches 1.3900 a Buy Limit order will be placed at 1.3800

Sell stop limit

Combines features of a Sell Stop order and a Sell Limit order. As soon as the BID price reaches the price target indicated in the order window, a Sell Limit order will be placed at the level specified in the order window. Example: If the EURUSD price is 1.3550 / 52, an example of Sell Stop Limit would be to place the price target at 1.3200 with a Sell Limit of 1.3300. If EURUSD reaches 1.3200, a Sell Limit order will be placed at 1.3300.

Stop mess

This order is used to minimize losses if the price of the product has begun to move against you. If the price of the product reaches this level, the position will close automatically. These commands are always linked to an open position or a pending order. These can be placed only in combination with a market order or a pending order. In the case of a purchase order, the BID price must reach the level predisposed to execute the Stop Loss order, since to close the position must sell. In the case of a sales order, the ASK price must reach the level predisposed to execute the Stop Loss order, since to close the position must buy. Example 1: If you bought EURUSD at 1.3850, an example of Stop Loss would be 1.3800. If the EUR / USD BID price becomes 1.3800, your position will close automatically. Example 2: If you sold EUR / USD at 1.3850, an example of Stop Loss would be 1.3900. If the ASK of the EUR / USD pair becomes 1.3900 your position will close automatically. Note: The price stipulated in the STOP ORDER is the price at which the order is activated. Once this price is reached a market order is executed. This means that when the market is experiencing high volatility (ie after the publication of macroeconomic news) or a low liquidity phase, prices could “jump” or move discontinuously and its STOP level therefore can not Be guaranteed. Example: You have a long position for the EURUSD with its stop loss at 1.4281 and the current market price is 1.4285. If, after the publication of a macroeconomic (ie non-agricultural) notice, the price jumps from 1.4285 to 1.4274 (thus exceeding its stop level), its order will be executed at the first available market price, in This case: 1.4274