What can we expect from the EUR / USD #today?

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The EUR / USD has managed to recover more than 45 pips since the beginning of Monday, rising in the European morning to an intraday high of 1.0658, although later it has yielded some ground, but remains above the zone 1.0630 without data of Relevance to the eye for the rest of the day. Karen Jones, head of technical analysis at Commerzbank, points out that the pair could head to the 1.0560 area following the recent price action: “The pair is targeting the daily moving average of 55 at 1.0606 and cloud base 1.0563. Which needs to fall below to put the spotlight on the 1.0352 / 40 lows. The market will be directly offered below its daily moving average of 20 at 1.0710, above 1.0820 / 26, which represents 50% of the Kick and the top of the cloud “. In its latest weekly Forex trend report, Natixis analysts point out that the EUR / USD ended the correction below 1.0700 after peaking at 1.0820 after resurgent political risks in France, the Netherlands, Italy and Greece. The weakness of the single currency and Trump’s latest tax phrases point to EUR / USD heading towards 1.0480 in the coming days

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