What is a managed account?

A managed account consists of delegating to the hands of expert professionals the operation of your capital in a specific market. The customer celebrates what is called a POA (Power of Account  Management) with us, granting us the power to operate your account.

What type of managed accounts does High Trade Ltd offer?

Given the experience and trajectory of our operators, the capital of our clients is operated in equity markets: punctual currency market (known as forex) and stock market indices.

Where does my capital remain?

That is anextremely important point. The first point to note is that you open your account REGULATED BROKERS  broker with which wework: REGULATED BROKERS  of British origin and regulated by the F.S.A. (Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom). Customers’ capital remains guarded in segregated accounts at first-class custodian banks (Bank, Barclays Bank, HSBC). Throughout the process of opening your account, an executive of the commercial area will be accompanying you.


Are these brokers reliable?

To offer the best service, we need the best allies. Broker world leader and are regulated by F.C.A. in addition to being part of the London Stock Exchange. The broker allows us the combined operation of two financial products on the same account: currency market + indexes. To make matters worse, the broker is a member of the FSCS (Financial  Services Compensation Scheme),  providing liquid guarantee on capital and backing of client funds.

Are traders in my account experienced?

This is a very simple industry, operation aleffect iveness is measured coldly with a number at the end of the month, which corresponds to the profitability of the account. The members of the operational team have between 5 and 10 years of experience in the management  of portfolios in these markets. We monitor the market at all times, analyzing the three most relevant sessions (European, North American and Asian) to decide where and when the best opportunities are. All traders belong to the company HIGHTRADE LTD with registration 23924 I.B.C.SVFSA

What profitability do I offer?

We will never offer a certain profitability, because that would be irresponsible on our part due to the market in which we are immersed. We are in a position to affirm that our record supports an annual average of 14%, consistent and conservative.

How do I open my managed account?

You should not worry about that, because we will assign you a Business Executive who will advise you through out the process of opening your account in the broker. The required documentation is simple (Photo Identification, Proof of Domicile and complete an online form, and sign the power for the manager). Just contact us to any of the contact channels.

How do I send or with draw capital from my account?

Wire transfer. Credit card.

Who has access to my money?

As a customer, you are the only person who can make with draw alsor increases in your account, it is your capital and no one else will be able to dispose of it.

Are they a HYIP (high yield investment program)?

No, we have nothing to do with such structures. The biggest difference is that we do not promise fixed returns and that the customers know, we are backed by brokers, our company has an outstanding track record and our clients visualize in real time wherewe invest their capital. This financial structure has proven to be unsuccessful and larges cams have been generated in this regard, some of them recent. Ponzi schemes do not work. Yes we are in a position to say that we have clients who have had enough of the scams and irregularities of the HYIPS have found throughus a serious investment and have regained confidence in the financial markets.

Can I lose money?

In fluctuating markets such as those described, that risk is latent, it happens that with an efficient and conservative risk management risks are minimized and great benefits can be obtained, that is what you have to take advantage of these fabulous markets. But for this, capital must be in the hands of experts.

How much do they charge me for their services?

The only commissions HIHG TRADE ltd will charge you for the management  of your account is equivalent to 50% of the profit ability generated month by month, ieifthere is profitability we charge but if we generate profit ability we do not charge any commission. It is the lowest commission on the market.

How do I know where my money is?

When opening your account, the broker will grant you a personal access key to access a platform “Onlyview” this will allow you from any part of the world to monitor the operation that we are developingon your capital.

Can I withdraw capital at any time?

The accounts are 100% liquid, this means that the client can make total or partial with drawals as many times as he wants and the amount he wants with out penaltiesor fines. Usually customers are enthusiastic and prefer to see how earnings are being added to the account, on average begin to retire approximately 6 months. We help you with a withdrawal plan.

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