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Dollar bounces with yield lower, but can it last? 11/01/2018 #HIGHTRADE

Market Overview Whilst focus has been on moves on the yen for much of this week, the dollar has been hit with some significant volatility in the past 24 hours. Reports out of China suggest that officials are recommending scaling...

Dirección del Mercado de capitales 10/01/2018 @HIGHTRADE

EUR/USDNivel objetivo 1.1958 04-ene-20:30 -> 09-ene-07:00 NA: (A) 1.1958 Últimos PI de Canal bajista NR: (B) 1.1972 Últimos PI de Canal bajista Período objetivo: 11 Horas Intervalo 30 Minutos Figura Canal bajista Länge 74 Velas Identificado 09-ene-06:00 Canal bajista identificado el 09-ene-06:00. Este patrón aún...

Yen gains strength as markets react to BoJ reduced purchases 09/01/2018 #HIGHTRADE

Market Overview With a quiet start to the week, markets are searching for direction again. There may be some direction coming on the yen though with the Bank of Japan reducing its month on month net assets for the first time...

Euro dips on Catalonia uncertainty as forex majors settle before the holidays 22/12/2017 #HIGHTRADE

Market Overview Markets are settling into something of a consolidation phase as traders wind down for the holiday period at the end of the year. However that is not to say that markets are lifeless. A rally on the euro...



US dollar at a crossroads with inflation concerns still key 14/12/2017 #HIGHTRADE

Market Overview The outlook for the dollar has taken a hit over the past 24 hours and now seems to be at a near term crossroads and inflation could be the driver. The main catalyst has been a weaker than expected reading...

UK and EU come to an agreement, sterling rallies 08/12/2017 #HIGHTRADE

Market Overview Sterling has rallied as the UK seems to have come to an agreement with the EU that should allow them to move to the next stage of negotiations. Having had a false start at the beginning of the week,...

DAX gaining but still needs to make the breakout 29/11/2017 #Hightrade

Sharp gains on Wall Street as tax reform looks to be progressing have been translated through to gains on the DAX. The positive candle posted yesterday has been followed this morning by a big opening gap higher. This move has...

¿Cómo afectan las nóminas no agrícolas en el mercado Forex? 24/11/2017 #Hightrade

Los traders de Forex activos son incansables a la hora de vigilar varios indicadores económicos clave interrelacionados con el mercado. La razón de ello es muy clara, ya que son estos indicadores los que permiten al trader identificar las tendencias...

DAX beginning to range as the market dips back again 21/11/2017 #Hightrade

The sharp bounce back following intraday losses in the wake of the German political uncertainty shows that there is still an appetite to buy the DAX. However, near term there is a trading band formation of around 250 ticks between...